Collection: LOOP ONE


Our very first LoopLoop collection, consisting of 4 unique lighting items called: LOOP ONE

All items are coloured with our own developed Magic Colour Machine, an automated small-scale anodising set-up that enables us to create these amazing colours and colour effects. For our full Magic Colour Machine story, also please check Dezeen

All our products are designed to last. We believe that one of the most simple yet effective ingredients for product life extension is repairability.  So we use standard parts as much as possible and we make sure all parts are replaceable, no glue, no welding.

One of the unique features of our own anodizing technique is that it creates unique items. That's why we give every product its Unique Item Number and save its Anodising recipe in our database. In case we need to make a spare part, we know exactly how it was made!

We produce in small batches to keep our stock manageable. Once an item is low in stock or sold out, we'll start the production of a new batch. Since we produce all items in-house, items are usually back in stock within a few days.